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Here we have a solution for production of bifolding gates up to 3000mm (10′) for a single folding leaf. Or use a 6000mm (20′) double kit for a double entrance (one each side)

This arrives in one box and gives you bolts, brackets, plates and connections to make a bifolding gate fold together. It works with any type of automation. Or you can use it manually.

Feature of having a bifolding gate = space saving of 50% of a traditional swing gate.


First Image shows a double kit to cover a 6m entrance. You can reduce this as required both sides with the telescopic arms.

A single kit gives you a solution for one bifolding gate up to 3m opening. You can reduce this as required with ease with the telescopic arm.

Kit is on the shelf ready to go, in a one box solution.

This kit will enable you to automate your gate easily. This kit does not include the electric automation. You can use a ram, piston, articulated or underground motors with this kit.


The kit can be used for a gate opening up to 90 degrees.

The kit can be used on a gate leaf up to 110kg.

No welding is required, easy assembly, easy telescopic adjustment. Bolted connections to gate included.

More information, a video of it in use (automated) and a manual can be downloaded on the website rollinggear . co . uk

There are videos of various installations on You Tube search for CAIS Sterling Foundry.


Easy to follow instructions are supplied.

Product has been tested in all conditions for 20,000 cycles. at -38 degrees and + 50 degrees.

High Quality is Guaranteed by CAIS.

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