Why Choose a Cantilever Gate

There are so many different gate options to consider, Cantilever Gates, Sliding Gates, Swing Gates, and even Telescopic Gates, which gate is suitable for your home or business. It is one of the most frequently asked queries our team are asked as the choice is not always straight forward and in the case of gates for your home, it can impact the aesthetic and ultimately value of your property. 

Space Saving: The sliding motion of a cantilever gate is far more efficient in terms of size. This is particularly true when compared to a more traditional outward opening gate. It makes them the ideal gate for smaller spaces such as driveways or where access may be somewhat restricted (e.g. opening onto a road).


This short article aims to look at one particular type of gate, the cantilever gate, and the advantages of this specific type of gate. A cantilever gate operates in a sideways sliding motion to ensure there is no confusion. The key difference with a cantilever gate and a sliding gate is it operates on a trackless system. Instead of sliding along a solid track it is supported by rollers that are behind the gate and remains suspended when opening and closing.

What is the advantage of a cantilever gate?

Safety: The style of movement associated with this gate is far more straightforward and keeps within the exact boundaries. The opposite would be a traditional swing gate with a larger opening and closing footprint. It also results in needing far less maintaining and adjustments. 

All-Terrain: Unlike a sliding gate that operates on a fixed rail, a cantilever gate has no track and moves on wheels, which means it can be installed on various terrain, making it ideal for uneven or gravel driveways, making it far more versatile and adaptable. It also means the gate is far easier to install and will not require altering the area beneath it. 

Adjustments: Due to their unique opening system, Cantilever gates tend to be far easier to adjust compared to swing gates. 

Visually Better:  In our experience, most clients feel that Cantilever gates look far better than standard swing gates. There is something about the movement that appeals to people over more traditional gates. 

We hope this article gives you a little more insight into why you should consider a Cantilever gate for your property or business. Should you need any further advice or have any questions, our team are happy to assist. Call us today on 0330 999 9330

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